ZJ diy bumpers

    Most Jeep Grand Cherokees can be upgraded to do a better job of handling rugged terrain. In many cases, the cornerstone of such a project will be the installation of bumpers that provide protection and add welcome functionality.


    Do-it-yourself (DIY) bumper kits are increasingly popular among Jeep owners, and for a number of good reasons. DIY Jeep Bumpers keep costs down while allowing for plenty of customization.


    The Best Bumpers for Many Jeep Grand Cherokees


    The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been in production for more than a quarter of a century, and it has evolved quite a bit along the way. Each generation of the Grand Cherokee has brought its own distinctive advantages to the table, making for plenty of fans of every iteration. When it comes to adding bumpers to particular Grand Cherokees, issues like the following are most often relevant to the various versions.


    ZJ. The ZJ Grand Cherokee was the very first one, and it remains among the most popular. Compared to newer versions of the Grand Cherokee, the ZJ was still a fairly spartan, stripped-down machine. What it lacks in creature comforts, the ZJ Grand Cherokee more than makes up for with its off-road assuredness. As such, ZJ diy bumpers frequently feature functional extras like winch mounts, tire carriers, and skid plates.


    WJ. The second generation of the Grand Cherokee reflects some more refined ideas about what an off-road vehicle can offer. While still sticking to the same down-to-earth sensibilities that made the ZJ such a success, the WJ Grand Cherokee includes quite a few advances. Fans of the WJ tend to praise how it remains so capable off road while affording more sophisticated experiences elsewhere. As such, WJ Grand Cherokees are often seen fitted with bumpers that emphasize both off-road performance and everyday practicality.


    A Great Way to Improve a Well-Liked Jeep


    Adding DIY bumpers to one of these Grand Cherokee models or another can easily end up making a noticeable, welcome difference. Every Grand Cherokee is designed to be able to handle rough roads and similar challenges, but DIY bumpers take many to the next level. For Jeep owners who enjoy driving off road, there are oftentimes few better investments.